As China took possession of the resources of Russia

As China took possession of the resources of Russia

Как Китай прибирает к рукам ресурсы России

Chinese business utilizes a proven method of economic expansion.

Today, China is one of the most important economic partners of our country. China has invested billions of dollars into the Russian economy. Chinese companies involved in various industries from real estate to agriculture. However, the close economic cooperation with China entails unavoidable risks, and even potential significant problems for Russia.

Chinese business has long used a proven method of economic expansion, the purchase of shares in the share capital of the company which gives the right to participate in strategic decision-making. This scheme works not only in Russia but also in other countries of the world. Even European politicians drew attention to this Chinese expansionism. Of course, gaining control of companies, the Chinese are acting in their own interests.

If to speak about concrete projects, 20% of the Russian project for the production of liquefied natural gas in the Arctic owned by the Chinese company CNPC. In the hands of the Chinese was at the time, and a 12.5% stake in Uralkali. In the financial sector, Chinese companies have begun investing in new, but very successful, acquiring a 2% stake in VTB.

But even such a seizure of shares in Russian companies – not so bad. The real danger stems from the attitude of China to Russia as a huge pantry endless natural resources. So, China holds a key position among

buyers of Russian forests

Deforestation in Siberia, the Urals, the far East, which deprives our country of its "lungs", is carried out with feeding of Chinese companies. A significant portion of the forest in General is exported from Russia to China illegally. How many did not pay the Russian government attention to the informal export of timber abroad, the problem remains very acute. And, admittedly, to solve it is not yet possible even with the tough police measures.

Interestingly, in Russia, possesses enormous forest resources over the past forty years has not built a single pulp and paper mill. Meanwhile, China's pulp and paper industry is developing at a rapid pace. And this against the backdrop of the impending total ban on all commercial logging of forests in China. It turns out that the Beijing forbids to cut down a forest, but makes the purchase of Russian forests.

Now China is going to invest more money in pulp and paper mills of Russia in Karelia and Vologda region. Enterprising Chinese want a familiar way to control these PPM.

In addition to deforestation, the Chinese are actively engaged in Russia and agriculture. The tenants of the celestial is treated of land in the Jewish Autonomous region, Khabarovsk Krai. By the way, all officially in 2009 when he was the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev approved the program of cooperation of frontier territories. So thousands of hectares of land in the far East were used by Chinese farmers to grow rice and soybeans.

Resources and land that today China needs from Russia. Of course, Russia is interested in attracting investment in capacity to supply their goods to other countries. But the question is what price the Kremlin will get the money. If the price of these investments will be a further draining of natural resources, is able to keep the Russians in the "squeezed" and the contaminated soil, you should think about the feasibility of such partnerships.

Ilya Polonsky,

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