Banker, Babariko about the article in "Sovbelia": Well isn't this a diversion?

Banker, Babariko about the article in "Sovbelia": Well isn't this a diversion?

Банкир Бабарико о статье в «Совбелии»: Ну разве это не диверсия?

The head of Belgazprombank, expressed his opinion about the salaries of it professionals and their income tax.

- That's why this is so? Don't want to write critical posts about our it country or to find out what your significant contributions to the Treasury made by our programmers, but then the place is boring someone is.

And it's not "hirelings of the enemy capital of the world" or "Judeo-Masonic mafia", and which is called the most progressive and truthful newspaper "Soviet Belarus", writes the head of "Belgazprombank" in "Facebook".

Open the Appendix to the newspaper "Union" for 07.03.19 and find in the column to the mail of the Union the following information.

The salary of our it professionals about 4.5 thousand rubles, and income tax, despite the reduced rates of pay 3.2 times more.

And then I wonder: isn't this a diversion? Isn't that a desire to discredit so hard the emerging positive image of these wonderful guys?

What purpose brought these two figures together, if not subversive? Because every person, even with the excellent rating for labor and physical education and three in mathematics will immediately make a comparison: the average salary in our country may finally be 1 thousand rubles.

So the programmer gets 4.5 times more. But why tax it pays 3.2 times more? Because we have a flat scale of taxation. "Where's the justice?" - cry this any Belarus?

So I have a huge request: can any of my FB friends knows the people who are responsible for the formation of a positive image of it in the country or has access to the state media.

Ask them to pay special attention to the fact that two or more numbers in material relating to the same subject - this is the base for comparison. Why do we need such a comparison?

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