In Russia want to "roll fingers" all Belarusians

In Russia want to "roll fingers" all Belarusians

В России хотят «откатывать пальчики» у всех белорусов

You must fingerprint all foreigners entering Russia, invited the chief of the Main Department of the MIA of Russia in Moscow police Oleg Baranov meeting of the city Council.

According to the official, last year due to mandatory fingerprinting was taken prints from more than 500 thousands of foreigners who came to Moscow to work.

"However, foreign citizens of the countries of the Eurasian economic Union, such as Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, is exempted from obtaining the mandatory permits to carry out labor activity on the territory of the Russian Federation and thereby exempt from passing the fingerprint registration", — said Baranov.

However, he cited the statistics: a third of crimes in the Russian capital are committed by citizens of the countries conducting in the EAEC, and the number of such offenses has exceeded two thousand. Due to the mandatory fingerprinting of foreigners, the police were able to identify 213 people who could be involved in committing more than 200 crimes.

"In this regard, I propose to support the legislative initiative, are working, the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia on the mandatory fingerprinting of all foreign nationals entering the Russian Federation", — appealed to city lawmakers sheep.

In his opinion, this will help us to collect data on aliens and to identify among them those who represent special interest to the Russian police.

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