"It's personal". The administration threw out the window the cat

"It's personal". The administration threw out the window the cat

«Это мое личное дело». Минчанин выбросил из окна кота

February 9 in the group "Lost and found Pets" has published a post about the cat, who was thrown out of the window of the low-rises in Serebryanka. Happening noticed of concerned citizens called the police.

Minsker Yuri lives near the house on Plekhanova, 83, where threw the cat. Now he's the one who monitors the health of the animal. According to him, in the afternoon on Saturday approached a neighbor and told that the house next door a man was thrown from the fourth floor window of a cat. An animal with a broken face found nearby.

I came a few minutes later, as he was thrown. Our mutual friend was a witness to the incident. We called the police on the owner of the cat.

«Это мое личное дело». Минчанин выбросил из окна кота

According to Yuri, the owner, 60-year-old man, likes to drink. The police, he explained that the incident with the cat "his personal business".

He said he did it because the cat screamed and went to bed. The police said that maybe against him initiated a criminal case for cruelty to animals.

After this cat was taken to the vet. It turned out that the fall had damaged a lung, a fractured hard palate. In the diagnosis of the veterinary clinic stated "the Shock of 3 degree, pneumothorax compensated. Possible spinal cord injury, recommended by the neurologist after the stabilization of the shock, splitting the hard palate".

He was lucky, normally when you fall from this height the spines break, clutches. We did x — ray said no broken bones. But until it can foot to move — some kind of jamming or tearing. Today the cat was taken to the reception to the neurologist, he was already better, but he, of course, a shock. It will be at least another few days to go — says Yuri.

Few care about the stories of people together with Yuri watching the state of the cat, looking for financial assistance. Temporary maintenance with the health care for a cat found in the day of the incident, but continue to search for permanent owners.

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