Lukashenka: speaking about the inclusion of Belarus into Russia is ridiculous

Lukashenka: speaking about the inclusion of Belarus into Russia is ridiculous

The inviolability of the sovereignty of Belarus, stressed Alexander Lukashenko during a meeting with the new Ambassador of Russia Mikhail Babich on October 10 in Minsk, reported the press service of the President.



Lukashenko recalled that recently, in response to the statements and behavior of the Russian authorities, he said that Russia is afraid and does not want to lose Belarus.

"And I would exactly as in the Russian leadership behaved and worried about Belarus — who she was with. Or it will turn to the West, as some scribblers, especially in Russia, is discussed. And our, as I say, "plavusa" here all the time. Or she will, together with his brotherly Russia", — Lukashenka said.

According to him, he and the Belarusian people have made their choice, turning "from ardent nationalism and other anti-Russian issues after the referendum, when the people were determined".

Lukashenko says that the Belarusian people still see Russia as a close ally and believes that, if necessary, the people of Russia are always ready to help. This same coin will pay Belarus.

However, he highlighted that the independence and sovereignty of Belarus is not negotiable. The head of state stressed that I never heard from the presidents of the Russian Federation of doubts on this point.

"In the twenty-first century speak, as they (referring to the words of Lukashenko, the "hacks". — ed.), articles of incorporation, the inclusion of Belarus into Russia is ridiculous," said the official the Belarusian leader.

Mikhail Babich is appointed by the Ambassador of Russia in Minsk on August 24. September 10, arrived in Belarus.

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