Lukashenko: Belarus by next winter, will establish the production of good domestic ski

Lukashenko: Belarus by next winter, will establish the production of good domestic ski

Лукашенко: в Беларуси к следующей зиме наладят производство хороших отечественных лыж

Alexander Lukashenko

February 9, Minsk /Correspondent. . > > > In Belarus for the next winter will establish domestic production of a good ski that can be used for mass sports and training athletes, and for athletes the top-level will be purchased equipment of major world producers. The President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko told reporters during a sports holiday "Minsk ski track - 2019", BelTA has learned.

"I promise you that we will have good skiing. Of course, such as Dasha Domracheva or Nadia Scardino, we will choose from hundreds of pairs of the leading ski companies some skis, - said the head of state. - It's not easy to create skis and reach the top bunk. I have this problem to the experts do not put. We need skis in order to prepare the athlete. And preparing it, the greater we will buy a thousand pairs, and choose the best."

Alexander Lukashenko underlined that the creation of good domestic production is only a matter of time: "Time is one year. For next winter we have good skiing". "Boots did stick did, it did. "Marco," I gave the shoes excellent. The first I rejected. The second pair gave excellent. Keep the good skiing. Well done! Skis for beginners are. But we need the average and slightly above average level to prepare athletes. We this ski will do. In the meantime, we purchased something that we can't do. Already provided all" - said the Belarusian leader.

Speaking about the selection of skis for the athletes, the President noted that to perform at the highest level will not do any couple even the manufacturer of world renown: "You do not think that Domracheva skis... That of the thousands of pairs she chose one."

Alexander Lukashenko and himself are faced with how can be difficult to pick up the ski is under. During the summer he asked to manufacture the ski from a major manufacturer, "Fisher", and the specialists in total of about a dozen pairs provided chose only one. "And they say: this is the best, but not very good - gave an example of the head of state. Very feel, when the ski is good or bad."

"Today went to these "Phishers". They do not go . Had to "Rossignol" (also known ski brand. - Approx. BelTA). I rarely run them at all," added the Belarusian leader.

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