Lukashenko considers it necessary to expand the sphere of influence of the domestic media

Lukashenko considers it necessary to expand the sphere of influence of the domestic media

Лукашенко считает необходимым расширить сферу влияния отечественных СМИ

On 12 March, Minsk /Correspondent. . > > > The sphere of influence of the domestic mass media in Belarus should be expanded. The President Alexander Lukashenko stated today at a meeting of the security Council of Belarus, BelTA has learned.

"What we fear is not enough, we need to expand the sphere of influence of the national media and not be afraid to use new forms of work in the media, - said Alexander Lukashenko. - We must learn to meet the distributors of the fakes with their own weapons. And we know how to answer, but somehow think: "okay, will do, will carry by".

The President drew attention that the main thing - quickly, accurately, and fully communicate to people the truthful information. "If we will do it for us, as now often occurs. But, you know, what information will carry for us if we don't do that," said the head of state.

Alexander Lukashenko is convinced that it is necessary to take measures to increase the volume, diversity and quality of national broadcasting, public confidence in official mass media. You also need to consider the question of the system of controlling the spread of illegal information. "While this is being done from time to time, sometimes with caution. Sometimes, after discussions about any political consequences. Everyone sitting at this table and across from me: you are not politicians, you people are clearly working in their field and protect the interests of the state. Leave politics to the President," he said.

The head of state stressed: "It is not to someone to restrict the freedom of expression. It's not with me. Of course, there must be order, everything should be legal. The laws we superdenomination, and add our inactivity and lack of discipline - we have no dictatorship and full democracy, which in any country in the world".

According to Alexander Lukashenko, in the information sphere should be fine, but nobody should close his mouth. "Otherwise, as was the case before in history, everything was moved to the kitchen and will be there to discuss how people say to suck all these questions. And sooner or later it will spill into the street. So this is by no means impossible to do. And it is impossible not only because we have the Internet there - society has changed, the planet has changed. So void is not necessary - like to forbid people to Express their opinion. But if this opinion is fictitious, far-fetched, if this news is related to some opinions, fake, Express their position. Believe me, the truth will always win", - said the President.

He added that in the information space should be convenient and safe for all, not individual people benefiting at the expense of others.

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