Lukashenko discussed with Kochanova handling inquiries, preparation of letters and electoral campaigns

Lukashenko discussed with Kochanova handling inquiries, preparation of letters and electoral campaigns

Лукашенко обсудил с Кочановой работу с обращениями, подготовку Послания и электоральных кампаний

Alexander Lukashenko and Natalia Kochanova

On 14 March Minsk Vladimir Matveev. > > > President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has received today a report of the head of the presidential Administration Natalia Kochanova, BelTA has learned.

The head of state noted that recent events were discussed various topics, decisions were made. Including at the end of "the Big conversation with the President," meeting of the security Council, which discussed the draft concept of information security of Belarus, thematic meetings. "On many economic issues determined, the integration processes discussed relations with Russia, the European Union, EEU, CSTO, and so on. Important decisions," - said Alexander Lukashenko.

"All we talked about, what was discussed publicly and non-publicly, has to be implemented," - said the Belarusian leader.

The President, in particular, focused on questions from people who started ahead of the "Big conversation". "If 3 thousand questions from people came on the eve of my communication with the expert community, it means 3 thousand must be considered. Somewhere instructed. Then you need to recheck anyway, - said the head of state. We don't have to show people that listened to them and forgot. We need to show that respond to their requests. I understand that people are different. What they should do, they sometimes shed the power. There is less. But you still need to react to know how people live. And where need be".

Alexander Lukashenko also welcomed the fact that relevant issues from citizens are treated in the media: "what's on TV (and in the final program) periodically refer to these questions, ranging from the needs of people, housing and finishing the roads, this is correct. You need to take control of all these issues and shake up the whole country, responding to requests and queries of people. The question is absolutely important!"

The President asked about the progress of preparations for the upcoming address to the Belarusian people and the National Assembly, calling it the most important event of spring. "We are deep enough into the subject, even to the smallest detail. Therefore, it is necessary to offer option so I can continue to work on this Message, not shelving them," said he.

The head of state referred to the future election campaign, stressing that the coming two years should not plunge the country in some turmoil, and the elections themselves, and by themselves, and others, should pass, like a holiday. "But to this we must prepare. The CEC nothing at all. So it will fall on the shoulders of power, and up here, the President's Administration. The government on these issues detract in any case impossible. Let is engaged in the economy. This is important. No need to hide it, we need to prepare for elections-presidential and parliamentary," - said Alexander Lukashenko.

As told reporters Natalia Kochanova at the end of the event, discussed the questions and instructions of the President under the control of the President's Administration, including citizens ' appeals, received on the eve of the "Great conversation" and not only. "Everything is in our control is being developed and we are carefully monitoring the deadlines and, of course, the quality. As you complete assignments or solve some tasks people will be informed through the media," - said the head of the Administration.

It was also about the issues that need to be addressed in terms of information security. "This was recently discussed at a meeting of the security Council. So we reported on that system, which today is established in the Executive office, and the work that is ours. The media is also to the matters dealt with, in particular, the presidential Administration," - said Natalia Kochanova.

She also commented on the preparation of the upcoming presidential address: "we worked through the document. Us this year, on the one hand, simply to work out because all the emphasis placed by the President, held a large number of different level meetings on key activities, adopted directives. Now it's necessary to accumulate, and the Message should be the approver. All tasks are clear, and today it is necessary to implement them".

With regard to the preparation of presidential and parliamentary elections, Natalia Kochanova said that there was no emergency in this, and in principle it is not necessary to make a distinction between electoral years and the others. "We must work so that these years did not differ from each other. Promises should always be carried out, whether it is electoral or ordinary. If the Manager made a promise, it must be done. People can not cheat. This is the main thesis, who always says the President of our country. You just have to seriously work, and then everything goes very smoothly, is clear and understandable," - said the head of the presidential Administration.

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