"Promised tomorrow". A pensioner has won a court case, but the salary for the 5 months they have not paid

"Promised tomorrow". A pensioner has won a court case, but the salary for the 5 months they have not paid

«Обещали завтра». Пенсионерки выиграли суд, но зарплату за 5 месяцев им так и не выплатили

"Almost two years have passed since, as the court ordered the former chief to pay us the arrears of wages", — speak in a voice of Portobello p. V. and Rome.

Women worked as a watchman in one of the office buildings in Minsk. And then the tenant — OOO "Extim" ceased to pay them. And even after winning the court, women could not obtain their earnings over 5 months. FINANCE.TUT.BY learned, is it possible to do something in this situation to obtain their money.

Vasilisa Petrovna and Rome V. already the pensioner. However, given the small size of pensions, has decided to work and took a job as a doorman in one of the capital offices. It was even in 2016.

— We worked in the building № 11 on street Komsomol. The area is leased LLC "Extim". We and another woman were decorated watchman, was on duty days, and holidays. In addition, cleaning hallways, toilet on the street in front of the order was maintained, — tells Vasilisa Petrovna. Salary we had about 255 rubles.

Women say that feature they were officially "under an employment contract worked, and the entry in the labor available." Some months they pay on time. According to the documents, the salary was supposed to issue from 20 to 25th of each month.

— And then there were delays. In April 2016, the wages given only partially, and may have ceased to pay altogether, — continues the story Vasilisa Petrovna. — Our Director made promises, saying, "tomorrow" will pay. We believed him, I thought, though difficulties at the company, waiting. And then to see that he is already very impudent and promises to pay no end or edge. By the way, I was on duty, he came to me, saying, "Let us under the contract will make you less money so less tax to pay." But I do not agree.

So women several months he worked without pay, and are there for them and the contracts ended. "The Director said will not be extended". The woman left in June will be two years as they retired, but the calculation never received.

We are not paid a salary for 5 months. We repeatedly went to the Director and asked to pay us, but to no avail. Then we sued and won — tells Vasilisa Petrovna.

In the statement of claim Vasilisa Petrovna pointed out that arrears of wages before it made 1409,95 of the ruble. Rome Tymoshenko needs a little more 1439,5 of the ruble.

The court decided to pay to women the arrears and to reimburse costs and expenses.

"The Partyzanski district court sent a writ of execution to recover from OOO "Extim" in favor of Skuratov V. P. arrears is made under the contract in the amount of 420 rubles 54 kopecks, plus court costs in the amount of 65 rubles, and the total — 485 rubles 54 kopecks, plus arrears of wages subject to indexation in size 1481 rubles 8 kopecks", — is written in Vasilina Petrovna in the documents.

But the owner of the company declared a bankrupt. In the end, and left us almost two thousand rubles, — said the pensioner. — Now we will not cause, no one does anything to help us get the money back. This firm have already left the Komsomol, somehow came back, and there's nothing there. All the property was taken. We don't know what to do and where to go, how and to whom to reach out.

We contacted crisis Manager, who was involved in the matter of the bankruptcy of OOO "Extim". Liquidation proceedings are concluded.

— Work on the administrative procedure of bankruptcy goes a long time, not one month. Our legislation in this question has so many holes that sometimes to do nothing is simply impossible, — has told to us.

According to crisis Manager, a pensioner, most likely, nothing will be paid.

«Обещали завтра». Пенсионерки выиграли суд, но зарплату за 5 месяцев им так и не выплатили

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