School vs school

School vs school

Школа против школы

Ability to stand on skis and to sew on buttons is quite another "Opera".

Recently Lukashenko very closely engaged in the education, especially school. One meeting after another. The media have already highlighted the main points of the new concept of school education.

1. "It seems that mathematicians alone cook. Let's speak frankly, don't want to be reactionary: we are probably the last thing the country needs in the country mathematicians. Concepts in mathematics should be, because in life, we always face the math. But great mathematicians need less of everything."

2. "God forbid you have not mastered the ski training, team sports, athletics. Where did it go?"

3. Finally, about buttons, the jointer, and scrambled eggs. "Don't know what planer, jointer, chisel, chisel, hammer, axe and how to work them. It's taught to us in school. Why do we "scored" and so are children? Why the girl doesn't know how to fry eggs, can't sew a button?".

In school I studied about the same time with Lukashenka. However, insights from that experience why then do the opposite. Yes, it is not possible that is also wrong. So just specify that this material consists of judgments about the same man as our head of state – real already the pensioner. That is, very likely, these judgments are also behind the modern realities of life. But to make an objective judgment, it is necessary to consider all opinions and not just the opinion of one elderly graduate of the provincial school.

Well, actually to memories. Yes, the wood then just taught. One trinket, carved himself from a piece of wood on a lathe, lay at home mother for a very long time. But this skill is not handy to me ever again. To harness a horse, to mow, to milk a cow my grandparents also taught. But these life skills is also no longer useful. And where in a small city apartment to shove the joiner's workbench with planers and jointer, not to mention the cow. Well it's only some have a "residence" where it can be placed.

But the relatively weak knowledge in mathematics and physics resembled then a pretty many years, and the almost complete lack of knowledge of foreign languages. With total zero in all this seemingly was not. For example, was surprised that in Germany, people knew that I spoke their language. But knowledge was extremely limited. When it came to reactor physics (I'm a nuclear scientist in the past), like something is reached, the exam has passed perfectly well, but realized that the previous education on this topic was insufficient.

Mathematics is a separate question. This is the basis of all Sciences and industries. Well these productions, and not blindly copying Chinese designs. Also not enough knowledge, although in ancient times the root of n-th degree of the positive integer could calculate in the mind, although not any, of course. That is not a zero-training, however, is rather weak. And I about those times, but now they say, as they say, dealing with the natural Sciences is even worse. Where else is the bar lower? Maybe the fact that textbooks are poorly written? You've got to understand, not to act rashly.

The other thing is that all of this according to the maximum program do not need to learn absolutely everyone. It's not for everyone lifting. Well, they are de facto abolished the special schools, grammar schools, by program level, down to the level of an ordinary village school, and in the same spirit.

So, too, is impossible to teach all ski preparation and sewing buttons is a means to destroy the country, to reduce it to the level of colonies or semi-colonies.

In addition, the government clearly does not understand that the way down is much easier than the climb to the "heights of civilization", to put it pompously. Sewing on the buttons, you will agree, learning is much easier than trigonometry. Besides, the last grandma can't teach it in school. Candidate of physico-mathematical Sciences, if the need is very much secure, we will be able to work as a janitor and a loader, and even buttons to sew on. I am familiar with such examples. But whether the janitor, having just set off for ski training, to teach in a University physics or math? Personally to me such cases are not known. Similarly, about mowers and programmer.

In other words, it is better that education was of the highest quality. The higher the education level, the more the human degrees of freedom and, thus, the country is also greater. Of course, this raises the question of time and finances, but we must strive for this, personally I think. To reduce education to the level of ski training with the sewing buttons you will agree that this is nonsense. If a person, after school, and knows only that the buttons to sew and eggs to fry, well, maybe even on skis, standing on a modern labour market prospects for such "specialist" is very little. Respectively no prospects and the country where education is reduced to such a level.

By the way, if what "non-mathematical" can and should learn from the ancestors, so is the ability to make everything out of nothing, to make a decent living in a vacuum, having only two hands, and have a good head, of course. Without billions of dollars of loans under the "cut". My grandfather had no planer, no jointer, no workbenches or machines, but with just a knife, and even ax sometimes, he managed to produce a wide range of economic tools of wood. There is a rake, fork (for hay) and many more. But a fool grandfather was not, when it is easier to buy ready-made, started buying. So now, if the programmer earns eight hours to three kettles, why would he spend the time to repair one? This is the ability to ensure the functioning of the economy without loans and grants, relying only on internal resources, often in their hands and mind is very important. As the ability to calculate, it is more important to spend the time: to repair a kettle or writing a new program?

This can and should be taught, but it is not, learning to stand on skis and sew buttons, it is quite another "Opera". This is somewhere from the area of highest wisdom, which is the current mowers for the mowing process, without assessing the economic benefits thereof, are hardly available.

Yuri Plennik, "we think."

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