Sudalenka: Everyone who lives in Belarus, takes part in the economy

Sudalenka: Everyone who lives in Belarus, takes part in the economy

Судаленко: Каждый, кто живет в Беларуси, принимает участие в экономике

Belarusians should demand that their constitutional rights have been implemented.

"I was very much humiliated, outraged that I wrote in "the parasites". Caused a lot not the most good emotions," says gomelchanka Maria Tarasenko.

The first process Housewives against the state. In Zheleznodorozhny district court of Gomel started the court at the suit of Mary Tarasenko to the so-called "tuneadas Commission" has made it into the base of the "unemployed in the economy." Mary seeks compensation for moral damage, reports "Belsat".

"I demand my constitutional rights - the right to work, but not the obligation. I don't need at the moment is employment, I do family, house, work enough," says Maria Tarasenko, the plaintiff.

The money in the family Tarasenko earns the husband. The woman does the housework and her decorated their apartment, so January as a "parasite" she will pay higher utility bills.

"It is clear that the term "unemployed in the economy" far-fetched, as anyone who lives on the territory of Belarus, takes part in the economy through the payment of indirect taxes", - said human rights activist Leanid Sudalenka.

To support the women of the court came about fifty Gomel. The court even "found" a hall that would seat wanting.

"It is important for people feeling the shoulder. Even if this working day, there will be only thirty people, this does not mean that we are not worth the thousands of people who are also dissatisfied with the decree that is now working in Belarus," - says Andrey Strizhak, the representative of the plaintiff.

"If today it's not 40 people and 500 thousand, and the whole area was busy and this building from our outrage swayed, then this mess would not exist," says activist Vladimir Nepomnyashchikh.

The result of a dispute between Maria Tarasenko and the "Commission for the promotion of employment of the population" and the Committee of labour, employment and social protection Executive Committee will be known next week. The meeting was scheduled for Monday.

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