The emphasis on satellite towns - the volume of housing construction in Minsk will be reduced

The emphasis on satellite towns - the volume of housing construction in Minsk will be reduced

Акцент на города-спутники - объемы жилищного строительства в Минске будут сокращаться

Alexander Lukashenko and Anatoly Sivak

March 11, Minsk /Correspondent. . > > > The volume of housing construction in Minsk will be annually reduced, and emphasis will be placed on the development of satellite cities. The President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said today when receiving the report of the Chairman of Minsk city Executive Committee Anatoly Sivak, BelTA has learned.

The main theme of the working meeting the President called the construction. "In the old days, we adopted the concept of future development and the reduction in the order of Minsk. And agreed that on the sly, as it will turn out, will minimize construction in Minsk and take it out to the satellite cities in order not to repeat the sad fate of our kindred cities. Take Kiev, Peter, I'm not talking about Moscow, when human resources are pulled together in one place. We have already more than 20% (of the population. - Approx. BelTA) lives in Minsk. Farther impossible", - said the head of state.

Alexander Lukashenko noted that the twin cities are identified, but the main thing - that between them and the capital was good transport links, created jobs.

"You make a number of proposals for the construction of rental housing, including a pilot project for the waiting list, who wish (to line up. - Approx. BelTA) in Smolevichi. Doing the right thing. People need to understand that we every year after the II European games especially hard will reduce the volume of construction in Minsk. Those who understand this, and he will win. About 1.5 million, maybe even 2 thousand people on the waiting list want to be built in Smolevichi," he said.

An important factor Alexander Lukashenko called the price of construction. In Minsk, an experiment was conducted on the construction of housing with a limited profit of 5%. "Turned out perfectly. Why do we have to deal with different kinds of I rudely called crooks, otherwise they will not name that the skin tear from the people, - said the Belarusian leader. I think we need to learn from this experience".

"Enough in his pocket to climb to people. This is the fundamental question of the entire construction. We have tried different methods. If it is convenient for people, it will spread to the entire Republic, we'll go this way," added Alexander Lukashenko.

The head of state also enquired about the construction of the second runway in the National airport Minsk. "We have in April and may to visit to put into operation," - said Alexander Lukashenko.

An important aspect is the provision of a reliable transport connection between the capital and the airport. "To allow people not only to private car freely to go there. Not all have such possibility. We had to run to the train. It is necessary this year, high in the future, to realize this idea", - said the President.

Alexander Lukashenko asked to report on the progress of construction on the site of the old airport in Minsk. "This is a landmark place," he said.

Anatoly Sivak also reported to the President on the work of the Minsk city Executive Committee as a whole.

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