The Euro rose again at auction in Minsk

The Euro rose again at auction in Minsk

Евро снова подорожал на торгах в Минске

The Belarusian ruble fell against the Euro and the Russian ruble.

In currency trading in Minsk on March 14 Euro and Russian ruble rose in price, the dollar fell.

This information is posted on the website of the Belarusian currency and stock exchange.

The dollar fell on Br0 and Br2 is 0034,1315 for $1 (at auction March 13 - Br2 1349 for $1).

The Euro rose on Br0 to Br2 0033,4141 for 1 Euro (March 13 - Br2,4108 for 1 Euro).

The Russian ruble rose on Br0 to Br3 0025,2603 100 Russian rubles (March 13 - Br3,2578 100 Russian rubles).

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