Why advertising in elevators appears against the will of residents?

Why advertising in elevators appears against the will of residents?

Почему реклама в лифтах появляется помимо воли жильцов?

The company placed advertising space, regularly donates Gesu money.

Anna Wilson lives in a normal apartment in Minsk. Together with the other tenants of her house is engaged in its repairs — and their own. Believes that a responsible attitude to property includes the right to dispose of it at own discretion. She wrote a letter onliner.by:

- Imagine: you in the apartment without warning come to the workers housing utility service and hang the neon sign on the wall of the bedroom. Savagery? I think you are even more outraged, if this VES will receive the money for what you this is daily watch. It is unlikely the situation will correct the assurances of the staff housing utility service that earned money they spend solely for your good. All of this sounds absurd? Then let's look at a slightly different, completely real story.

So: you come into the entrance of the workers and hang on the wall of the Elevator Bulletin Board. No one asked you whether you want to look at these ads or not, but the company who placed the advertisement area, regularly donates Gesu money. Which, of course, go to the improvement of the entrance.

It is unlikely that many of you pay attention to this "trifle", and I think that's a very good reason. Not too lazy, I conducted my own little investigation: I called the company that places ads in elevators, and studied the Housing code, communicated with representatives of the housing utility service. The results left me puzzled.

The Housing code says that stairwell, Elevator — all General household and at the residents of the apartment owners responsibility to pay for the upkeep, maintenance and other expenses. Because the Elevator is the property of the residents. And we pay enough, we often blame in Jase: "well you are at the entrance do not follow? But this is your property!"

So, personally, I believe that if my lift I want to get commercial benefit, to enter into a contract with the owners needs, that is, with tenants.

And I timidly would assume that the profit obtained for the use of my property (and my time is involuntarily spent reading the ads, too) should go to the benefit of the residents — it sounds quite logical, don't you think? And the advertising Agency may act as a mediator and also to have their interest.

Quite likely, many readers will call me petty, like, pick on the utilities for nothing, they have to try! Let's for the sake of fairness, let's consider the price issue, to be clear, whether it is necessary for him to worry. So, I learned the "price" has considered and found that for the year is in the Elevator brings over 180 dollars in sales! While presenting such advertising space rent "in bulk" in work "to include" entire neighborhoods of houses (where it is 50, and 200 buildings), which have many entrances and, consequently, of elevators. Tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, a considerable part of them, in fact, could be shared between tenants or at least spent on issues specific to each individual house/porch.

And so doing, for example, in homes where a partnership of the owners. Or business centers. Or in shopping malls: the owner vigilantly observes that at his expense of course extraneous. Another thing for apartment buildings.

My question to commercial entities involved in the proliferation of advertising in the elevators of my building, is there any legitimate reason to engage in such activities, answered in the affirmative, they say, there are contracts with the public utility, ZHSPK, and of course all coordinated with the district administration. However, the contract number and date of the conclusion refused to name.

Then we decided to ring the entire chain of possible responsible persons, And not only ping, but also to make written requests. Zhreo disowned by far. ZHSPK and UKS also denied any encroachment on the property of tenants, i.e. the elevators. The district administration was not aware of the problem, but in a fatherly way asked to give the address, building, road and "if you want, come, let's say that you dismantle advertising structures".

Agree, this specific approach is wonderful!

And one more thing: I asked the old-timers of his house that someday someone of you was a contract for advertising in the Elevator? Perhaps, the utility conducted a survey about whether to install such advertising or not? Like this has ever happened.

The situation is commented lawyer Tatiana Revinskiy:

— If you look at paragraph 1 of article 274 of the Civil code, the owners of apartments in the apartment house owned by the right of common ownership of common areas of the house, house design, mechanical, electrical, sanitary-technical and other equipment outside or inside apartments, serving more than one apartment, and in the cases established by the legislation or contract, and other assets.

Simply put, the common property includes the stairwell, and all the networks water, electricity, heating, elevators, roof, attic, basement of a house owned by the apartment owners and they are responsible for their safety and maintenance.

The possession, use and dispose of common property are made by mutual agreement of all owners (article 9 of the Law on joint home ownership). The owners have the right to place advertising on a reimbursable basis, to lease vacant premises, etc., the Decision of the joint property is taken by the General meeting of residents (condominiums, cooperatives). It is the exclusive right of the General meeting. With regard to the use of the proceeds of the income, they can be used to meet the needs of residents, such as payment of major repairs of premises, lighting, arrangement of the yard, etc. Distributed revenues between the owners can not because the vehicle or HBC are not commercial..

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