Bashkiria has headed the radium Khabirov. 10 years ago he was expelled from the local "United Russia", 7 years ago, he destroyed the "Right cause" Prokhorov

Bashkiria has headed the radium Khabirov. 10 years ago he was expelled from the local "United Russia", 7 years ago, he destroyed the "Right cause" Prokhorov

Башкирию возглавил Радий Хабиров. 10 лет назад его выгнали из местной «Единой России», 7 лет назад он развалил «Правое дело» Прохорова

Gleb Schelkunov / Kommersant

October 11, their posts left three Russian head of regions head of the Kursk oblast, Zabaykalsky Krai and Bashkortostan voluntarily resigned. The most interesting of the new appointees — radium Khabirov, who will now manage the Bashkiria. 54-year-old official in the 2000s was actually in charge of the internal policy of the region, then clashed with local President Murtaza Rakhimov — and then I worked eight years in the presidential administration responsible for relations with Parliament and parties. "Medusa" tells who Radiy Khabirov and that the change of the Governor of Bashkortostan.

Habirova was intended for the presidency of Bashkiria 10 years ago. Because of this, he had a fight with Murtaza Rakhimov

In 2008, Radiy Khabirov, by the time five years has worked as a head of the presidential administration of Bashkortostan Murtaza Rakhimov and largely determined its policies in the region (habirova was even called "chief vizier" Bashkiria), got a new job offer. As pointed out by "Kommersant", to work in the presidential administration in Moscow habirova invited personally by Vladislav Surkov, who at that time was the first Deputy head of the AP and was in charge of all domestic policy.

Several media called the move "the Kremlin internship", which Habirov had to go through before change Rakhimov at the head of the region. Then the former partners started the conflict. Rakhimov first habirova was removed from office and then fired him under the pretext that he had provided incomplete information about the real estate. Habirova opened a criminal case, he was expelled from the "United Russia".

However, after a few months it was all over — and even habirova was restored in the party. According to "Kommersant", he interceded personally, Vladislav Surkov. Anyway, in July 2008 Habirov moved to work in Moscow.

"It really was a major figure in the Murtaza — and after some time reached the influence, when Murtaza, all the emirs decided from his chief vizier to get rid of. Just so he doesn't have to compete with him, — said Andrey Kolyadin, the former head of Department of regional policy in the AP. And, of course, was what I did with him as Murtaza and left Habirov — it was trash, very unpleasant and very unfair to Habirov. It is, of course, was offended, because he did a lot for the Republic."

He Habirov called the story "dirty," adding that, surviving her, he feels confident in conflict situations.

Khabirov eight years he worked in the presidential administration. He was engaged in internal policy, collapse of the Right cause, and has survived Surkov and Medvedev

First Habirov Department on interaction with Federal meeting and political parties, and soon became Deputy head of internal policy having even greater powers. In this post, the official remained, and once again the President was Vladimir Putin, and after the administration in 2013 has left Vladislav Surkov.

"I think he was absolutely in its place, says koliadyn. — He was engaged in the state Duma, the Federation Council and political parties. Was a regular event when ministries and agencies had to work. Then he began to slowly take everything away from him, leaving only the state Duma. He could even build those relationships which were prohibited, for example, it was forbidden contact with the press. But he is not breaking these rules, was able to bring necessary messages to the right media, to the right journalists. Although this was supposed to be [AP Deputy Alexei] Gromov, Gromov only and no one but Gromova".

Working in AP, Khabirov remained non-public official. In 2011, however, his name appeared a lot in the media — billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, the then head of the party "just cause", the accused habirova in a "hostile takeover attempt" of the party: the official AP allegedly orchestrated things so that the next party Congress created several dozen Pro-government delegates who had not been chosen (he Habirov was also present at the Congress). Following the Congress, Prokhorov was dismissed from the post of party Chairman, and he and his supporters left the Right cause; the businessman and politician linked the incident to the fact that the AP did not like the fact that Prokhorov was invited to the party of the founder of the Fund "City without drugs" Yevgeny Roizman.

"In the Eastern Habirova there is some flexibility — adds koliadyn. — This is very evident when [the new curator of domestic policy in the presidential administration] Volodin, Surkov's all cleaned out. We all suffered in full, he cleaned, sanded and painted. And Habirov was until the very last minute. That is, he knows how to build relationships even with people who clearly do not like".

In his years in Moscow habirova has repeatedly called the candidate for the post of head of Bashkortostan Rakhimov first instead, and then instead Rustem Khamitov, the head of the Republic in 2010. Habirov the rumors about the return of Bashkiria has not publicly commented on.

The last two years Habirov was the mayor of Krasnogorsk. It was believed that he is preparing to return to Bashkiria

In September 2016 Habirov left the presidential administration. It was reported that he resigned voluntarily. Care habirova some sources linked with the next change of the head AP — shortly before his resignation became Anton Vaino.

In January 2017, it became known that Habirov appointed acting head of Krasnogorsk near Moscow. Again, experts began to say that habirova cook to the post of the head of Bashkiria. In September 2018 the list of "United Russia" headed Habirov took first place in the elections to the city Council. On this list, in particular, became a Deputy MMA fighter, Jeff Monson.

"[Krasnogorsk] it was more of a training experience of financial and economic activities, — says koliadyn. — Before that, he worked on domestic policy, and then, when he was offered a variety of options for where to settle, he quite deliberately chose this direction to understand how a large municipality: housing, social services and other things that he had not had to work".

Башкирию возглавил Радий Хабиров. 10 лет назад его выгнали из местной «Единой России», 7 лет назад он развалил «Правое дело» Прохорова The new head of Bashkortostan Radiy Khabirov meets with Vladimir Putin, October 11, 2018

At the head of Bashkortostan Habirov was replaced by Rustem Khamitov. They are in conflict

A former employee of different Federal agencies, Khamitov headed Bashkiria in 2010. Outside the Republic he is remembered primarily involved in the story of "Bashneft". In 2016, he publicly supported Rosneft in the fight for the stake of "Bashneft": the controlling stake in this company owned AFK "System", but it was returned to the state, declaring that the privatization of the Bashkir fuel and energy complex was held with violations.

In 2017, Rosneft, has received the government's stake, presented by Sistema's billions of dollars in claims. Khamitov again supported "Rosneft". The company eventually entered into a settlement agreement, according to which "System" agreed to pay "Rosneft" of 100 billion rubles (some of these funds Bashkiria received in the form of dividends).

"The leaders of the region in adulthood must make a decision about the completion of the work and should leave with dignity," wrote Khamitov in his resignation to the President, which he filed on October 11.

"Khamitov disliked habirova, the former Deputy head of presidential administration of Bashkiria, the analyst Abbas Gallyamov. — He knew that would never become the head of Bashkiria, if pre-Habirov not dumped Rakhimov. Have Khamitova appeared the complex — he didn't like to be beholden Habirov, and he quickly found a reason to quarrel with the latter. After that, throughout his reign, almost every problem Khamitov saw "hand habirova" and regularly complained to the Kremlin. These constant complaints seriously undermined the position of Moscow in the eyes of the presidential administration".

Gallyamov thinks that the decision to "remove" Khamitov, was made after the unsuccessful to the authorities of the gubernatorial election in September. "Looking at Zimin and Orlov [who lost the election in the Republic of Khakassia and the Vladimir region], the Kremlin realized that to put on the election of governors with a high rating can not, — says the analyst. — If before he went into the absence, now translates into a protest vote. Have Khamitova recent rating grew very strongly, so the chances to win it was gone. Moreover, due to the conflict with the mayor of Ufa Allowin Khamitov successfully destroyed and the administrative hierarchy, so he rigged in their favor to ensure that could not. All that was left to the Kremlin, is change Khamitova to someone more effective."

Andrey Kolyadin adds that Khamitov "exhausted": the territory of the Republic of escalated local conflicts, which could prevent any candidate from the power to win the election. "There are security forces began to paddle all around Khamitova, there began a battle in the national media, who accused Moscow of all mortal sins, and it was justified and said — no, I'm popular, the ratings look good, and it is the only content of life [in the region]," says a former employee of the AP.

The interlocutors of "Medusa" I think that Khabirov is likely to win the gubernatorial elections in September 2019, although, according to Kolyadina, they will be "difficult". "His path — and work on-site, and then work up, and work in Krasnogorsky district as the head is, in fact, was the road to that big point, to the chair, which he acquired yesterday. And I think he has all the competence to become a good leader, says koliadyn. — He have access to people that are close to the first person. This is not the case when it is set and forget — that there are rules, most importantly, do not go to us. He has normal contacts with [the first Deputy head of the AP Sergei] Kirienko, and with a number of Ministers. This is enough to not to be unnoticed and to not over Federal financial flows".

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