Fought against abortion, the Russians raped a 13-year-old daughter

Fought against abortion, the Russians raped a 13-year-old daughter

Боровшийся против абортов россиянин изнасиловал 13-летнюю дочь

The inhabitant of Novosibirsk has sentenced to 13 years in strict regime colony for rape of a minor daughter. About it reports the local edition "".

According to investigators, the man molested the girl when she was 13 years old. For several years, she was silent because she was afraid that she would not believe. Her grandmother said that the girl lied to please his mother.

Male actively advocated for increased fertility and a healthy lifestyle. "A lot of people saw volunteering Maxim and our family. He participated in the movement against abortion, the strengthening of morality, of temperance (...). She slanders the father and applauding this. Doing it for mom, which you need to destroy father and all of us," said the girl's grandmother.

The defendant disagrees with the court's opinion and intends to appeal the verdict.

March 12 it became known that the gym teacher from Yakutsk six months have raped 13-the summer schoolgirl in the gym of a school. The girl's parents learned about the rape, finding correspondence with a teacher in her daughter's phone. He was charged with 29 crimes against sexual inviolability of minors.

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