In Russia estimated the value of their oil and gas reserves

In Russia estimated the value of their oil and gas reserves

В РФ оценили стоимость своих запасов нефти и газа

Published by the Russian government's figures are significantly below the estimates of foreign experts.

The Ministry of natural resources and ecology of Russia for the first time estimated reserves of oil and gas in the country, RBC on Thursday, March 14.

So, as of the end of 2017 oil reserves in Russia are estimated at nearly 40 trillion (16.4 trillion UAH), natural gas - in 11 trillion rubles (4.51 trillion UAH).

Reserves of coking coal valued at almost 2 trillion rubles (82 billion), iron ore - 808 billion (331 billion), diamonds - 505 billion rubles (207 billion), gold - in 480 billion (197 billion).

The total value of all mineral and energy resources (oil, gas, gold, copper, iron ore, coal and lignite, and diamonds) amounted to 55.2 trillion rubles (22,6 trillion UAH), or 60% of Russia's GDP in 2017.

In real terms, according to the Agency, at the end of 2017 oil reserves amounted to 9.04 billion tons, gas - for 14.47 trillion cubic meters of gold - 1407 tons, diamond - 375 million metric carats.

It is noted that estimated those reserves, which issued licenses for subsoil use.

For comparison, the news Agency cites British oil company BP, according to which, the proved oil reserves in Russia at the end of 2017 amounted to 14.5 billion tons, gas - 35 trillion cubic meters. Gold reserves in Russia, according to the USGS, was in the same period, 5,500 tons.

Earlier Ukraine has estimated gas reserves of 800 billion cubic meters, but under condition of extraction from unconventional deposits, the volume may increase five times.


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