In Russia, the bus fell into the abyss.

In Russia, the bus fell into the abyss.

В РФ автобус упал в обрыв, есть погибшие

The height of the cliff, according to various estimates, ranged from eight to 45 meters. Six people were killed.

In Kemerovo region the bus with the miners rolled over and fell off a cliff. In the result, six people were killed, 16 were injured. On Friday, February 8, reports RIA Novosti.

All the victims were hospitalized, four in intensive care (including the driver), and 12 in a condition of average weight.

According to the source Agency in emergency services of the region, a shift bus fell from a height of 40-45 meters. In turn, the regional investigative Committee said that the height was not more than eight meters.

Militiamen brought criminal case under article "Violation of rules in the conduct of other works, entailed on imprudence death of two and more persons".

Investigators started checking, during which find out, whether there was good bus and did the driver of the medical examination.

Check after the accident began, the local Prosecutor's office, special Commission of the company and employees insurance.

Recall that a week earlier in Russia overturned a bus carrying children to the competition. Seven people were killed.

It was also reported on the completion of investigation of road accident with participation of actors Diesel show.

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