In the Novgorod region, the doctors announced a strike

In the Novgorod region, the doctors announced a strike

В Новгородской области медики объявили итальянскую забастовку

In the Novgorod region, the doctors announced a strike

The participants of the rally against the optimization of health in the Novgorod region announced the start of Italian strike.

March 16 in the town of Okulovka of the Novgorod region has passed two consecutive meeting against the optimization of health. On the first, organized by the Communist party, about a hundred people came. Immediately after it began a rally organized by the party "Yabloko", which was attended by the trade Union "Alliance of doctors." The rally gathered more than 500 people, including the Chairman of the party "Yabloko" Emilia Slabunov.

Earlier, on 11 March, the Chairman of the "Alliance of doctors" Anastasia Vasilyeva declared the strike by workers of the Novgorod region, which will start, if not met the Union's demands. One of the main requirements was to establish the level of wages in accordance with the "may decrees" of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. In response, the government-controlled Novgorod region, the media began a campaign to discredit the "Alliance of doctors."

About the beginning of a strike from the podium said Anastasia Vasilieva. In conversation with the correspondent of "Radio Liberty" it noted that in the "Alliance of doctors" in the Novgorod region joined about 300 people.

- Italian strike is work strictly in the job description. This means that the cleaner will not perform the role of nurses should not be overtime and perform work beyond the statutory job description, she said.

From the podium many times there were calls for the Governor of the Novgorod region Andrei Nikitin to resign. The audience greeted them with applause. Reputable among the inhabitants of Okulovka doctor, head of the surgical Department Municipal Central regional hospital Yury Korovin read out a list of names of young professionals who resigned because of low salaries and moved to another region. The resolution of the meeting participants expressed confidence in the Governor and his team.

In the Novgorod region in the end of 2018, announced the so-called optimization of health. Some district hospitals joined to the next, eliminated the hospitals. Ambulatories and feldsher-midwife stations in remote villages and villages will be replaced by mobile systems to come to the examination of the population every few months. In Okulovskiy CRB has reduced the plan for admission to 2050 1285. Doctors are worried that after this will be reduced medical rates.

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