Putin instructed to raise benefits and reduce taxes for large families

Putin instructed to raise benefits and reduce taxes for large families

Путин поручил поднять выплаты и уменьшить налоги для многодетных семей

The tax burden on the Russian family should be reduced, and the regions need to offer additional support. This was stated by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin during his address to the Federal Assembly. The broadcast is available on YouTube.

"The principle should be simple — more kids, less taxes," he said.

As a measure of support of large families Putin instructed to additionally exempt them from tax for five square meters in apartment and seven square meters in house child and also tax-land size of six acres

In addition, the head of state instructed from 1 July this year to raise payments to families with children with disabilities doubled to 10 thousand rubles. Also from January 1, 2020 payment of child support will be able to families whose incomes do not exceed two living wages on the person. Now by law, such payments are provided to families with incomes no more than one and a half times the subsistence minimum per family member.

"It is important that the birth and upbringing of children is not meant for family the risk of poverty," said the President.

Putin stressed that the new package is expected to help Russia at the turn of 2023-2024 years to achieve the resumption of the natural growth of the population.

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