Russia has promised to respond to new EU sanctions

Russia has promised to respond to new EU sanctions

В России пообещали ответить на новые санкции ЕС

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia has accused Brussels of hypocrisy and cynicism and promised not to leave unanswered the new sanctions.

The Russian foreign Ministry has promised to respond to the new anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the European Union against Russian citizens because of the incident in the Kerch Strait. This is stated in a statement published on Saturday, March 16.

"The Russian side will not leave unanswered the unfriendly action of the EU", - said in comments.

Moscow accused Brussels of "hypocrisy and cynicism," noting that we are talking about guards who "courageously doing their duty" and stopped the "gross provocation", which allegedly was organized by Kiev in the Kerch Strait.

In Russian depodesta believe that the EU Council decision demonstrates a contempt for the law of the Russian Federation to protect their own national borders.

"It is an irresponsible way, which only encourage Kyiv to continue the policy of provocation that pose a threat to the security of the Russian Federation and other States of the black sea region, including members of the European Union", - stressed in the foreign Ministry.

Recall that in the European Union have imposed personal sanctions against eight people for the detention of the Ukrainian ships in the Kerch Strait.

Earlier, the Russian foreign Ministry promised a "practical response" to US sanctions and Canada.

We will remind, on November 25, 2018 Russian special forces had seized two Ukrainian boats of Berdyansk and Dnipropetrovsk and tug Jana's tray on the way to the Kerch Strait. 24 Ukrainian sailors were arrested on charges of "illegal crossing of border of the Russian Federation". Captured sailors told investigators that they are prisoners of war.


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