The Russian foreign Ministry has promised practical response to sanctions

The Russian foreign Ministry has promised practical response to sanctions

В МИД РФ пообещали  практический ответ  на санкции

Washington and Ottawa are destroying bilateral relations with Russia because of the "intense Russophobia", Moscow believes.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation expressed regret in connection with the introduction of the United States and Canada of new sanctions and warned that Moscow would give a "practical answer". This is stated in the commentary of the Russian Ministry, published on Friday, March 15.

"Regret that the American and canadian capitals continue to follow the destructive course to the complete destruction of bilateral relations with Russia, and so find themselves in a very poor condition as a result of sweeping Washington and Ottawa dense Russophobia. As for our practical answer is, it will certainly follow," – said in the message.

The Russian foreign Ministry noted that there is nothing new or unexpected in the "next portion of the sanctions, coordinated with European allies," which "issued today, the United States and Canada."

"In recent years, Washington and Ottawa, using flimsy pretexts, periodically impose restrictive measures against Russian citizens and organizations. The goal is to exert pressure on our country," – said the Russian Ministry.

Moscow believes that "sanctions" rounds are not lead to the desired for U.S. and canadian results.

"Remaining a prisoner of belief in his own infallibility that they apparently believe that if we push, Russia will begin to follow their installations. This will not happen," – said the Russian foreign Ministry.

As noted in comments, "restriction once again trying to substantiate the alleged aggressive actions of Russia against Ukraine, "illegal" annexation of Crimea, adding this time the groundless accusations "unjustified use of force" in the Kerch Strait".

Recall, March 15, on the introduction of sanctions "over the Azov" announced the EU and US. Brussels complements the sanctions list of eight citizens of the Russian Federation, and the United States brought in "black list" of six individuals and eight organizations associated with Russia.

Later on the sanctions announced and Canada. Restrictions apply 114 individuals and 15 companies. In particular, under the sanctions were Igor Sechin, Andrey Kostin, Igor Rotenberg, Vladimir Ustinov, Victor gold, and many other famous Russians.

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