A book about Akhmatova and 22 editions were not allowed to import to Ukraine

A book about Akhmatova and 22 editions were not allowed to import to Ukraine

Книгу про Ахматову и еще 22 издания не разрешили ввозить в Украину

23 books published in Russia was banned in Ukraine, they are not allowed to bring into the country. Threat to Ukrainian readers they are recognized due to references to the October revolution, Stalin, the online platforms Vkontakte and Yandex and even representatives of the Russian show business included in the "black lists" in Ukraine.

About it on Friday reports a press-service of the state Committee.

"The Committee rejected LLC "Jakab Treyd", LLC "Etnicidad" and "Force" in issuing permits for the importation from the territory of the aggressor state 23 books in which there are signs of propaganda of the aggressor state", — informed the Agency.

The decision on the banning of books in Ukraine was made by the expert Council.

"Signs of propaganda of the aggressor state, its organs of power, the Imperial geopolitical doctrines and the Communist totalitarian regime identified in the books in the Moscow publishing house "Alpina publisher", "Alpina non-fiction", "Eksmo" publishing house and Samara "ID Bakhrakh-M"," — said in the message.

So forbidden was the book of Daniel Demina "Corporate culture. The ten most common misconceptions": in it the author mentions the "superpower of the USSR" and cites methods of governance Stalin.

Even children's book Elena's Risible and Lana Bogomaz "What I can learn in Anna Akhmatova" is recognized as the propaganda of the totalitarian Communist regime, because the authors referred to the revolution of 1917 "one of the greatest events in the history of Russia", and as illustrations used a portrait of Lenin and red flags.

Books Arthur Salagaeva "Nonrandom connection: networking as a lifestyle", Vladislav Moiseev "Business out of nothing, or How to build an Internet company and Not to go crazy" and Mikhail Umarov "PR in real time: Trends. Cases. The rules" were not in control due to the "popularization of Russian social networks Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki resources mail.ru and Yandex, which are blocked for Ukrainian users.

In General, from 20 may 2017, the Advisory Council of the state Committee provided about three thousand cracks on the import of Russian books.

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