At the headquarters of Tymoshenko advised, HOWEVER, to redo the questionnaire on corruption in the army

At the headquarters of Tymoshenko advised, HOWEVER, to redo the questionnaire on corruption in the army

В штабе Тимошенко посоветовали НАКО переделать опросник по коррупции в армии

Questions to the presidential candidates of Ukraine regarding corruption in the defense industry is inaccurately worded. This was during a press conference on 11 February said Andrey Senchenko, the coordinator of the "military" office of the leader of "Batkivshchyna" Yulia Tymoshenko

Adviser to Tymoshenko believes that the answers to the questionnaire drawn up by the Independent anti-corruption Committee on defence (NACO), requires writing a doctoral thesis.

"Impossible, sorry, as in TIC-TAC-toe, to systematize these approaches (to combat corruption in the defense industry. — Ed.)", — said the politician.

He gave the example of a similar failed initiatives. So, in the summer of 2018, the Ukrainian newspaper "Mirror of week" interviewed the political parties about the approach to the liberation of Donbass, and then tried to bring the answers into a single table. According to Senchenko, it didn't work out.

"We held a forum where announced a strategy, which worked for a few months. And as a preliminary response, we sent you this strategy last week", — said Senchenko.

According to him, the team Tymoshenko employs 60 experts who are preparing legislative support for the implementation of this strategy and action plan.

According to Senchenko, HOWEVER, would have to divide the issue of corruption in the army on "corruption regarding army" (delivery/procurement for the defence industry at inflated prices), and "corruption directly in the army" (the plundering of public funds and misuse).

Recall, HOWEVER, prepared for the presidential candidates a questionnaire about how they, becoming the head of state, plan to fight corruption in the Ministry of defence.

For their part, the candidates have pledged NACO responses until 22 February. While only three of them coped with the task: Vitaliy kupriy, Andriy Sadovy and Gennady Balashov.

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