Even if the "opposition bloc" was a single, he still wouldn't have a chance – Ishchenko

Even if the "opposition bloc" was a single, he still wouldn't have a chance – Ishchenko

Даже если бы «Оппоблок» был един, у него все равно бы не было шанса – Ищенко

Even if the Opposition bloc managed to put a single candidate for the upcoming elections, no one would let their representative in the presidency. This was stated by the political analyst Rostislav Ishchenko in an interview with Ukraine.ru

The expert noted that from the point of view of Ukrainian propaganda, their victory would be perceived as a revenge of the forces which were driven out of power in 2014. It would not be acceptable neither to the radical nor the current government.

"If they were combined, it only would demonstrate their ability in the parliamentary elections, and with them a little more would be considered," — said Ishchenko.

Party "Opposition block" had previously divided, as were MPs associated with the oligarch Rinat Akhmetov, did not want to join the bloc platform "For life" Vadim RabinovichVictor Medvedchuk.

As a result, the candidate from "opposition bloc" put forward Alexander Vilkuland Boyko went on elections as the independent candidate. In addition to this Eugene Moore announced his exit from "For life" and the creation of the party "Our".

Subsequently, Moore officially withdrew his candidacy from the presidential election in favor of the administration. The politician added that the party "Our" and "Opposition bloc" is ready to unite to participate in the parliamentary elections.

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