Expert: "Listen to the head of the NATO – directly dove of peace"

Expert: "Listen to the head of the NATO – directly dove of peace"

Эксперт: «Послушаешь главу НАТО – прямо голубь мира»

Statement by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg that the Alliance is interested in a world without nuclear weapons is nothing more than wishes, as the unit is not taking any measures implementing them voiced intentions. On 10 February said the military analyst Andrei Koshkin in comments RT

According to the expert, Stoneberg sincere only in its commitment to the Anglo-Saxon diplomacy and the culture of negotiations. And when he does offers Russia and China to participate in various projects, it gives the impression of a dove of peace.

"But in order for us to unilaterally comply with any instructions. With regard to the actions of States that are members of NATO, is all some vague wording," said Koshkin.

Earlier, Stoltenberg said that the purpose of the Alliance is a world without nuclear weapons.

At the same time, he stressed that if NATO were to abandon nuclear weapons, and Russia and China will remain its potential, the world will become a safer place.

Thus, this statement of Stoltenberg as saying that NATO is interested in maintaining the Treaty on the elimination of missiles between Russia and the U.S., looks nothing more than platitudes and wishful thinking without any specifics.

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