Face off the legions. The intensity of the race

Face off the legions. The intensity of the race

Меряются легионами. Накал предвыборной гонки

The scandal of Ukroboronprom, the campaign of Razdrogin the President, the hysteria over the law on language, all of this kindles the election campaign white.

Mutual mudslinging pleases only one — from under the carpet swept out the litter, comfortably resided there since time immemorial and almost no one before the start of the election campaign were not interested in, writes No. 5 Journal Reporter

Sporty gentlemen again went outside. But the Blizzard of today is not the activists, and police officers. Another difference with the previous games aunts is that in this case have already appeared political slogans and Patriotic at this time. Identification of high-level corruption is incredibly cool. Here only in conjunction with contemplation of the dirty Laundry of domestic corruption, we suddenly surprised to have seen a surge of Moscow mantras of "the civil war in Ukraine" and "the beginning of the riots the Nazis". Well, Yes, smuggling of Russian spare parts for ex-Soviet technology, were armed with ZSU, still in Russia is blocked.


The theme 1 in the information space of Ukraine in recent weeks the corruption around Ukroboronprom and inside it. The story is quite controversial — publication of the project based on the so-called anonymous letter. We are talking about draining the stakeholders of a compromising. That's just the reaction of NABOO and law enforcement officers on the incriminating evidence revealed that components for the enterprises of the concern Ukroboronprom really delivered with seriously inflated prices. And to display the "margins" was used company-pads.

The organizer of the scheme the journalists called Igor Gladkovsky, the son of the Deputy Secretary of national security and defense of Oleg Gladkovsky, a close friend and business partner of President Petro Poroshenko. Ukroboronprom is run by the national security Council, therefore, Gladkovsky Sr. called the "roof" of the scheme.

After the publication of the material Gladkovsky Sr. was fired from the national security Council, and the NEB conducted a series of searches and detentions.

However, journalists of a number of employees of the SBU, the GPU and the NEB associated with the intentional blocking cases against participants described the corruption scheme. Militiamen, of course, deny everything. Actually Gladkowska, who even promised to sue the journalists.

The weak position of the authorities immediately took advantage of her political opponents.

Loudly declared itself in the HYIP party national corpus. Ncorpus is a political force that emerged from the so-called Azov movement formed on the basis of the volunteer regiment Azov participated in the fighting in the Donbass. Now the movement is actually a military regiment Azov — special forces unit, included in the structure of the interior Ministry, political party, national housing and public organization of the National guards is a paramilitary formation, numbering up to 2 million people. In charge of this whole campaign MP Andrew Biletsky.

Меряются легионами. Накал предвыборной гонки


Nestrugina were thrown at the point of attack: 9 March, they came under the building of presidential Administration with the requirement to prosecute Gladkowski after his dismissal, by the way. This is not the first action of Nazarus and friendly to it structures on Bank, but this ended in a fight with the police. Attacks on law enforcement officers, tear gas, flares, firecrackers — well, more on the classics. Bright photos and videos circled all media.

While the Azov fought by the AP, the President was on a working visit to Cherkasy. Biletsky has proposed to his followers to go to Cherkassy and there to ask Poroshenko why members of his inner circle is still not behind bars. That's just from Kiev to meet with the President to Cherkassy one drive did not. But the local representatives of Ncorpus during the President's speech at a campaign rally tried to break through to the stage. It went over about as well as in Kiev, but even more colorful. Again the fight with the police, fire, and beaten by the militiamen, thugs, jumping on the roof of the police car.

The results of the hot meeting? Militiamen have 22 victims, 18 were poisoned by gas, and four were injured. The nationalists — two detainees. And a gentle "well, well, well" from the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov on 11 March: "These young people [] have decided that they can cross the border... Not to say one crime by committing another."


In fact, these events marked the launch of the new scenario campaign, the most risky power of exacerbation. The question arises, who benefits from such representations?

Ukrainian politeksperty traditionally associated national body with the Minister of internal Affairs Avakov. Is it ever since the first years of the war, when the volunteer Azov battalion became part of the Ministry of interior. Immigrants from Azov movement and now is in the leadership Department, Avakov and Biletsky do not hide that continue to contact. However, evidence of direct influence of the Minister of internal Affairs on Ncorpus still not been published. Although the same experts stubbornly point to the relationship Avakov with the latest promotions nationalists in the media and social networks such stuff in bulk.

And we remember that the Minister of internal Affairs long-smoldering conflict with the current President. Though Avakov and trying to pose as an arbiter above the fray in the current election campaign, but it turns out he is every day worse. The Minister actively playing opponents Poroshenko, primarily Yulia Tymoshenko and Vladimir Zelensky. Only Avakov says on investigations regarding the bribery of voters in favor of the President, although none of them yet does not end. In case of reelection of the incumbent Avakov days in power are numbered, so he made a bet — who else but Poroshenko.

Why not to be horrible to because relatives of the President of the nationalists? Moreover, the headers in the result where as scathing — "veterans call to answer Commander."

In Ncorpus any effect Avakov deny and take offense to such accusations. "No connection with Avakov. Everything that is done around it, — not a very sensible repetition of a cliche that the President's Administration tried to destroy every volunteer battalion... Decided that our dark side is Avakov, the Police covers Poroshenko, as the mother of his child, in particular, in Cherkasy represses Neckaches, and relationships are somehow not Avakov, Poroshenko, within the same coalition, and I have. This is absurd and nonsense", — said Biletsky.

Ncorpus even was blamed almost ties with Moscow. But, according to Biletsky, they have an independent organization that is funded by the small and medium business and due to minimal membership fees. The party is youth, veterans, and ideological nationalists. In Ncorpus emphasize that no one is paying for participation in the stock, and all are for a General idea and team. And government sources of funding such an expensive and active political forces are not yet interested.

Biletsky himself refused to run for President. In Association with other nationalist organisations that supported the candidacy of Ruslan Koshulynskyi of Liberty, screaming, also did not go. On the nose the parliamentary campaign and Neckaches somehow need to remind myself. Action against Poroshenko's party return to the political foreground, draw attention to it — at the briefing of leaders of Ncorpus after the events in Cherkasy besieged by journalists were not. That is, at this stage, the nationalists and Avakov can be at least situational allies.

But if the nationalists their goals to attract attention to himself, these shares reach, discrediting thus Poroshenko is a doubtful thing. On the contrary, fights thugs and the police in the war-torn country leave a bad taste in conservative voter. But supporters of the hype and move to the ballot box is usually do not reach.

Avakov took a very risky position by flirting with noctuinae: Poroshenko "broken pots" clearly and definitively, and the current of the sympathetic Avakov, Tymoshenko or Zelensky — in case of victory in the elections is unlikely to want to put up with so independent interior Minister. Julia generally self-sufficient in the command recognizes, as shown by previous political history.


Poroshenko personally in any investigations regarding Ukroboronprom did not appear, as he tried publications about the scandal with him to communicate. But the scandal of corruption in the defense industry has primarily on it. The President accused that he could not know about the machinations of his close friend. And if you really didn't know — so, too, blame myself, that's such a bad Commander in chief. By the way, the journalists who published the sink, do not call it the source. Although, in fact, they fell into the hands of a criminal case, with the correspondence through the phones of suspects, in particular. That is, it is highly likely that the source is the security forces themselves.

Poroshenko admitted that the story brought him down. Shares of Ncorpus also have added peace of mind. On Bank corruption scandal in the defense industry trying to win back statements on open audit Ukroboronprom and the transfer of responsibility for law enforcement.

Меряются легионами. Накал предвыборной гонки


Opponents of the use occurring at 120%. Particularly zealous Tymoshenko — she said that Poroshenko need to impeach. It is a matter of principle familiar. In his long political career, Tymoshenko was time to call for the impeachment of the last four presidents — Leonid Kuchma, Viktor Yushchenko, Viktor Yanukovych and now Poroshenko. Why? First, Ukraine is not even a law of impeachment, that is to begin this procedure, in principle, impossible. Second, the General election is less than a month. Or is it for the future? In case Poroshenko will keep the chair?

In addition to the assaults on the President in the campaign of the leader of the Batkivshchyna nothing was happening. If you don't count the publication of the facts of voter bribery on the part of her team. If earlier, the SBU exposed the schemes of bribery of voters, now made public the alleged attempt to bribe a presidential candidate Yuriy Tymoshenko over 5 million UAH, that he withdrew from the elections. For bribery of a candidate, according to the Prosecutor General's office supposedly had the same MP as the possible bribery of voters — Valery Dubil. Its GPU promises to bring to justice. Why Yulia Tymoshenko to withdraw his namesake from the elections — obviously. When each percent by weight of gold, the two identical names in the newsletter may prove to be the straw that broke the camel's back. Or rather, not miss Yulia Tymoshenko in the second round.

To complete the chaos Tymoshenko managed in one day to urge Poroshenko to withdraw from the elections and invite him to the televised debate before the first round.

Poroshenko of the environment meet the leader of Batkivshchyna in the same spirit: the PPB faction leader in the Verkhovna Rada Arthur Gerasimov directly during a session of Parliament included the audio recording of the alleged conversation Tymoshenko and businessman Igor Kolomoisky. This was, according to Gerasimov, confirm its corrupt connections with the disgraced ex-head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional state administration. The parties are to each other and this despair? Unlikely. Tymoshenko is a strong political fighter, she may have already "spreading the straw" — preparing the ground for a possible rejection of the election results. Hence the constant repetition of themes about possible election fraud.


And while the teams of Poroshenko and Tymoshenko are destroying each other, the third favorite of the election race Zelensky even to do nothing. He's holed up in the trenches, in the hope not to lose mediaves obtained before the start of the election campaign. The Zelensky continue to skillfully hide from serious debate. And the endless scandals of competitors doing everything for technologists of Thecandidate, turning to him and disillusioned with the protest electorate.

That's just according to opinion polls, which continue to draw record ratings Zelensky, his supporters — it is primarily the age category of 18-35 years, of which the majority will either vote for the first time, or usually do not go to the polls. That is, whether it comes to the Zelensky voters to polling stations is still a major issue and challenge for his team. According to the survey group Rating, only 75% of potential voters ze replied that was sure to come to the polls. Poroshenko such 86% and Tymoshenko — 84%. So the answer in the poll — not a tick in the Bulletin. This is worth remembering if the result Zelensky in the elections will be very different from ratings in the polls.

Меряются легионами. Накал предвыборной гонки


And the process of unification in the second tier of the presidential race look quite logical. The so-called democratic opposition is grouped around Anatoly Gritsenko. In his favor, withdrew from elections the mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovyi, people's Deputy Dmytro Dobrodomov and former journalist Dmitry gnap. Although the most important figure of them is a Garden: he has led the campaign, has a good results of work in Lviv as mayor, his party are well represented in Parliament and in local councils. And Samopomich has the resources needed Gritsenko, first turn the party structure on the ground. But the agreement on cooperation between the parties, at least, announced publicly, too vague. In addition, within the party from the decision of the Garden, according to rumors, not much enthusiasm. Of course, Gritsenko have immediately started talking about the hopes to get to the second round. But the reality is that even the combined rating of the four candidates can expect such a result. Especially not the fact that all potential voters will want the Garden to support the former defense Minister.

Even more surprising and meaningless Association was on the opposite wing of the Ukrainian politicians — among former regions. There the candidate with the highest rating was withdrawn in favor of the candidate with less. The people's Deputy Eugene Moore was supported by another MP Oleksandr Vilkul promised in the future to unite with him in the same party. It is clear that the politician — more resource-rich, allegedly, behind him, the businessman Rinat Akhmetov. But the problem is that in Russian-speaking southern and Eastern regions of Ukraine there is another player — Yuriy Boyko. And it was he who, according to opinion polls, enjoys the greatest support of voters who previously voted for the Party of regions and its protégé.


The twists and turns in the Ukrainian elections closely watched by our Western partners and is already eyeing potential winners, not forgetting about the current agenda. The day before, on March 5, U.S. Ambassador in Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch made what is probably the most tough speech for all time of its stay in Kiev. The Ambassador stressed the importance of transparent selective process and went through the attempts of fraud and military intervention in elections. "Official, politically neutral security must ensure that aunts or other armed groups do not interfere with the voters to Express their will... the same applies to those who pay them for their votes. The team of candidates who resort to attempts of voter fraud should be prosecuted. State resources should not be directed against political opponents," Jovanovic insisted. The tone of the statement is more like a call to action than friendly advice. Also, the US Ambassador said bluntly that needs to be replaced by the head of the Special anti-corruption Prosecutor Nazar Golodnitsky, fire trying for almost a year.

Literally the next following statements. day, March 6, in Kiev with a special visit to the U.S. Undersecretary of state for political Affairs David Hale. Formal — to demonstrate United States support Ukraine in fight against Russian aggression, in fact — to meet with the favorites of the presidential race, for a kind of "synchronization of watches". Hale spoke with Poroshenko, Tymoshenko and Zelensky. Who puts Washington, of course, no one will say. But with any of the winners of the West, bridges has induced.

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