Military in Odessa began preparations for sea breeze-2019

Military in Odessa began preparations for sea breeze-2019

The military at the conference will compare the plans and scenarios of future Ukrainian-the American doctrines.

Военные в Одессе начали подготовку к Си Бриз-2019

Military in Odessa began preparation for doctrines "si the breeze"

Monday in Odessa began the main planning conference of the Ukrainian-American exercises “sea breeze-2019“. This was reported by press service of the defense Ministry.

International training will be held in the North-Western part of the Black sea in the Nikolaev, Kherson and Odessa regions, according to the Agency.

During the conference, the military will clarify learning objectives, design the scenario and a training, said the head of doctrines “XI Briz-2019“ from Ukraine, Deputy commander of the Navy APU for combat training, rear Admiral Alex Neiipp.

During the joint work will be a generalization of the composition of forces and means of the armed forces of the participating countries and conduct reconnaissance of ground training.

Servicemen of the Ukrainian Navy will work with partners to complete tasks according to NATO standards, where possible - sea, land, air and under water, according to the Agency.

We will remind, on 6 February, the border guards conducted military exercises staged repel attacks from the Azov sea.

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