Ministerial diploma. Where he studied Ukrainian officials

Ministerial diploma. Where he studied Ukrainian officials

Министерский диплом. Где учились украинские чиновники

Fake diploma is the second most popular reason, which fall career top officials. The first reason is classic corruption, of course. Lime peel — all the same the following.

Little-known universities, PhD thesis with funny names, lack of systematic education, writes the No. 3 Magazine Reporter.

Since the beginning of the scandal, which caused our interest in the topic. Former Deputy Vitali Klitschko — Vladimir Bondarenko, who in the spring of 2017 found fake law degree of bachelor of LNU. Ivan Franko since December 30, was appointed Advisor to the mayor. That's all we need to know about the intolerance of the powers that be to fake crusts from top officials.

To make sure that the fake diplomas is readily available, it is possible to rummage in the Internet, where there is a site through which to negotiate the purchase of a master's degree in legal Sciences with the introduction of the registry. It will cost about $3 thousand will to the registry — not a fact. But to take the money and brown will be given.


"Thirst for knowledge" is not the present phenomenon. Rather, it is the legacy of previous years. Just remember that the doctor of economic Sciences Viktor Yanukovych remains in the scientific annals the author of two fundamental works: "the territorial Reform of large commercial structures vehicles (for example, Donetsk region)" (1996) and "managing the development of the infrastructure of large industrial region" (2001). His predecessor, candidate of economic Sciences Victor Yushchenko in 1998 he defended his work on "the Development of supply and demand of money in Ukraine" in the Ukrainian Academy of banking, a subsidiary of the national Bank, which in those years, Viktor Yushchenko ruled.

In the last few years of the thesis defense, top officials were the exception to the rule. And that's a good sign. For example, the current Cabinet is not one of its members defended their thesis during the stay in the high post.

In General, the Cabinet of Ministers does not disappoint. Only 25% of the officials of the Cabinet have only one education. Other or two or more. More than a third of the composition have a Ph. D. — see infographic.

It is widely known, in particular that all of your education the Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman received in absentia, as in his youth did an active business career. Good people are so often reminded that in 2018 the Main investigation Department of the Prosecutor General decided to conduct a pretrial investigation into possible forgery of the document by the Prime Minister on higher education. The results of the investigation in June of 2018, the production was closed in connection with absence of structure of a crime. On his page in Facebook Prime Minister was forced to make excuses for absentee nature of his study: "of Course, not forged. Because the diploma is real and honest. Yes, I studied in absentia, because, like many others, before he started a family and had to support her, so had to work."

Superiority in the number of degrees holds in the Cabinet Gennady Zubkov, the Minister of regional development, construction and housing. He has four. Probably a mix of special knowledge and knowledge in Economics and management is great. And we would have the right to expect from him much greater success in housing reform, but there is something special to see. And Zubkov has a PhD degree obtained in 2012. That's just to detect the abstract of his thesis in the Internet we could well have failed. While, for example, author's abstract of his thesis of the editor , which he defended 20 years earlier, the Internet is available.

Two Vice-Prime Minister Vyacheslav Kirilenko and Paul Rozenko and Minister of ecology and natural resources Ostap Semerak, at first glance, have education not relevant, bearing in mind their positions in the Cabinet. Rozenko graduated from the electro-acoustic faculty of KPI. Kirilenko — philosophical faculty of the KSU. Taras Shevchenko, then he defended a thesis in philosophy, too. Semerak is a physicist by first profession and a scientist by the second.

However, if you look closely, you can see that my current office and generally at the higher political League Kirilenko, Rozenko and Semerak got through the Revolution on granite — the mass protest in the former Soviet Union in the autumn of 1990. This student strike is often considered the basis of the proclamation in 1991 of Ukraine's independence. In General, the top career it turns out that education is good, but political activity from childhood better.

Even further from his current career education at the Minister of foreign Affairs Paul klimkina, who graduated from the faculty of aerophysics and space research of Moscow physical-technical Institute in 1991, majoring in "applied mathematics and physics". After training, the future Minister was at work in the Institute. E. O. Paton, national Academy of Sciences. Out two years later was appointed attaché and Secretary of the Department of military control and disarmament Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine. This moment began the diplomatic work of the future Minister. He, by the way, it seems, even the greatest polyglot in the Cabinet — besides the Ukrainian language, fluent in English, German and French.

The Minister of education and science, Liliya Hrynevych looks pretty decent at keeping her position previously obtained education. First, a pedagogical education. Second, it is possible to find online the free access to the abstract of her dissertation "the trend of decentralization of educational management in modern Poland", defended in 2005.

Ivanna klympush-Tsintsadze, Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic integration, has an impressive set of diplomas. I hope that one day she will talk about how she managed to study at the Ukrainian pedagogical University. M. P. Dragomanov, specialty "defectology and speech therapy," while at the State University of Montana, majoring in "international relations and international law".

First Vice Prime Minister — Minister of economic development and trade Stepan Kubiv in 1984 he graduated from the mathematical faculty of Lviv national University. Of Ivan Franko. In 2002, Lviv Polytechnic majoring in "Finance". In 2006 Lviv Polytechnic national University he also received the degree of candidate of economic Sciences, specialty "Economics, organization and management of enterprises". Here only the abstract of his thesis to find in the Internet the us and failed.

Министерский диплом. Где учились украинские чиновники



In the National Bank the degree of candidate of economic Sciences there is only one senior — Jacob Smoliy, Chairman of the National Bank. His first Deputy Ekaterina Rozhkova and three of his other Deputy, Roman Borisenko, Dmitry Sologub and Sergei Kholod, and building their economic career consistently, while studying a degree and monotonically moving up the career ladder up, which is not very Smolii. In 1983 he graduated from the Lviv national University. Ivan Franko, specialty "applied mathematics".

Of mathematics and I. T. Smoliy was able to 2018 to become the head of the National Bank of Ukraine due to his senior colleagues in Bank Aval. In the second half of the 90s he held the position of head of automation and later became Deputy Chairman of the management Board of Joint stock post pension Bank Aval. Later at the Department of information systems in economy, Kyiv national economic University Smoliy defended his thesis "Economic-mathematical modeling and system integration data warehousing banking information" and received the degree of candidate of economic Sciences.

The economy as such this work has a very indirect relationship. It is, in fact, described the process of creating a payment portal for Bank Aval. After the sale of Aval by the Austrian banking group Smoliy worked for a time with former colleagues, and in 2014 received an offer to move to NBU. And there, he consistently worked under the guidance of first Stepan Kubiv, and then Valeria Gontareva.

However, we're the skeptics. And those who recommended Smoliy in March 2018 for the position of head of the NBU no longer in the role of acting, and full of the Chairman, his education was quite happy. "The level of education [] clearly allows the management of the NBU. Smoliy received a complete higher education at Lviv University. Ivan Franko, has a degree in Economics. Thus, the proposed head of state candidate fully complies with the requirements of the law of Ukraine about the national Bank..." — said the representative of the President in Parliament Iryna Lutsenko before the vote in connection with approval of the Smoliy for the position.

Actually, that's the most of IT dissertation and allowed the Smoliy to circumvent article 18 of the Law read: "the Chairman of the National Bank shall be a citizen of Ukraine who has higher education in Economics or Finance or degree in Economics or Finance."

In the presidential Administration it is possible to detect two officials with advanced degrees: the head of Administration Igor Rainin candidate of Sciences on public administration, as well as the Deputy head of Administration Sergey Marchenko — candidate of economic Sciences. Both defended themselves long before they have taken a significant position in the government. The first — the notorious technocrat, the last stages of the post in the Kharkiv region. And the second is a strong financier, specializing in public Finance, he came to the AP from the Ministry of Finance.

Deputy head Konstantin Eliseev and Valery Kondratyuk have one diploma, first Deputy head Vitaliy Kovalchuk, Deputy head Oleksiy Filatov — two. In General, personnel policy Administration looks much more elaborate than kalinowska, at least in terms of compliance with relevant education officials to posts.

In GFS the degree of candidate of legal Sciences is the only first Deputy Chairman of the SFS Sergei Bilan, who defended his dissertation after his appointment to the service in GFS in may 2015. Protection was held at the Institute of legislation of the Verkhovna Rada on December 28 of the same year. Research Bilan 2017 on the theme "the Constitutional and legal framework of the referendum as a form of direct democracy", you can easily find online. Acting Chairman of the SFS Alexander Vlasov has three degrees if you count his first degree in the military. Eugene Bambiza, Deputy Chairman of the State fiscal service, responsible for work with large taxpayers, only one diploma, but a very solid — Kharkiv University. V. N. Karazin.

Around NABOO, NACP, SAP lacks a variety of scandals, but about the diplomas there claims still did not sound. The reason is obvious — all three departments was formed on a competitive basis and under public scrutiny.

Old story with non-core education of the public Prosecutor positively all navyazla on the teeth, but not to mention it would be categorically wrong. Yuriy Lutsenko was promoted to Prosecutor General of Ukraine after the society and the country's top leadership disappointed in career prosecutors. Well, it is not possible to find among them sufficiently motivated leader for the General Prosecutor's office. Had to choose from people make to be motivated by their political past. In politics Lutsenko came across mentioned earlier the Revolution on the granite. So, a graduate of the faculty of electronic engineering, Lviv Polytechnic Institute, first in the second half of the 2000s, became interior Minister after the Orange revolution, and in may 2016 — the attorney-General. For the sake of the Ukrainian Parliament had to approve the day before his appointment the appropriate changes to the legislation, allowing to appoint the head of the GPU of the person without a specialized legal education.

Unfortunately, the GPU is under his supervision and failed to ensure effective investigation of such high-profile cases like the shooting of the Heavenly hundreds, the withdrawal of assets environment Yanukovych, as well as several others. However, Lutsenko counters any criticisms about the lack of adequate education that "legal education" he has already received "on the witness stand?".

Министерский диплом. Где учились украинские чиновники



The most popular education among the heads of regional state administrations — economic: 25 current officials have 17 diplomas in Economics and two degrees of candidate of economic Sciences (head of state administration of Vinnytsia oblast Valery Cows and the head of the Poltava region state administration Valeriy Golovko). One diploma have 36% of the heads of regional state administration, two or more — 36%, higher education plus a degree are 28%.

On the second place by prevalence, with a large margin from the economic — management education: 9 diplomas by 25 officials and one degree of candidate of management Sciences, the head of the Kharkiv oblast Yulia Svetlichnaya. Third place is shared by legal and military education profile of the heads of administrations: 8 diplomas legal profile and 6 diplomas of military profile.

Svetlichnaya was in 2017 with a doctor of law, she defended her dissertation at the University of internal Affairs (Kharkov). In the same year he became a doctor of legal Sciences, head of Zaporizhzhya regional state administration Constantine Brill, he defended himself in aidp. In both cases, doctoral degrees have got the current heads of the regional administrations.

Министерский диплом. Где учились украинские чиновники



Saying that, nowadays, knowledge is updated so quickly that the earlier education is rapidly devalue. It's true. Say that large and successful corporations pointedly ignore the names of the universities where they received diplomas for those who wish to join their team. And this is also true.

The world lives in conditions of continuous education. And we, as taxpayers and citizens of Ukraine, more important is the willingness of top officials to constantly toomuchtime than the quality of their diplomas 15-20-30 years ago. However, training in cool high school gives what no self is not to reach moral principles, the ability to learn independently, the tendency to a systematic approach, and trained logic and reasoning. They say that "the sines and cosines will be forgotten, but trained from the study of neural connections will serve us a lifetime." And it's true.

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