Semenchenko was indignant with actions of the volunteers who picketed Zelensky

Semenchenko was indignant with actions of the volunteers who picketed Zelensky

Семенченко возмутился действиями атошников, пикетировавших Зеленского

As stated by the people's Deputy from political party "Association "Samopomich", Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on national security and defence Semyon Semenchenko, he understand the position of members of ATU, who came to picket the performance of the Ukrainian showman and leader of the Studio "Quarter-95" Vladimir Zelensky, presidential candidate.

In particular, the MP questioned the sincerity of the slogans of the protesters on behalf of the veterans of the ATO. And in this connection asked the protesters if they are "anti-business with Russia" against "the President, who fought and laughed," why did not see them, for example, "in protests against President clown... against a President who was stealing, when others fought."

An opinion he expressed on his page in Facebook.

"Why, then you weren't on our actions with the requirement of the court to Ilovaysk? Against a President who laughs at the memory of the dead, covering the authors of Ilovaisk and Debaltsevo. Giving them the rank and privileges instead of trial and punishment," protested Semenchenko.

He also stressed that it is unacceptable to threaten a civil war.

"All these years we had the opportunity to remove the corrupt, liars and traitors in power by force of arms. And deliberately declined the opportunity, not wanting to put the country at risk of collapse in the face of external aggression," — said the MP.

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