The Serbian Church does not recognize the PCU and considers it schismatic - media

The Serbian Church does not recognize the PCU and considers it schismatic - media

According to local media, clergy are advised to refrain from any contact with Epiphanius and his followers.

Сербская церковь не признает ПЦУ и считает ее раскольнической - СМИ

Serbia refuses to recognize the autocephaly of the PCU and perceives only the UOC-MP

The Serbian Orthodox Church does not recognize the autocephaly of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. Writes about this local edition of the Policy.

The fact that Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew presented Tomos Ukraine, the Serbian Orthodox Church called “one-sided rehabilitation of dissenters“, says the publication, citing a letter sent to local Orthodox churches.

The Serbs claim that the Church in Kiev “cannot be identified with the present-day Ukraine“, as it is under the jurisdiction of the Moscow Patriarchate in 1686.

“The intervention of Bartholomew - a clear invasion of the territory of the Russian Church and the “Church of Ukraine“ by artificial Confederation of the schismatic Ukrainian structures“, - stated in the Serbian Church.

They admit only one Orthodox Church in Ukraine (UOC-MP) under the chairmanship of Metropolitan Onufriy.

“The Serbian Church will recommend his Archdiocese and the clergy to refrain from liturgical and canonical communion not only with the “master“ Epiphanius, but also with all who serve him and communicate with him“, - writes the edition.

Officially, the decision of the Serbian Church has not yet been published.

Earlier, the DNC said that the occupation authorities of the Crimea can demolish the temple Church in Evpatoria.

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