The UN published a report on human rights violations in Ukraine

The UN published a report on human rights violations in Ukraine

ООН опубликовала доклад о нарушениях прав человека в Украине

The office of the high Commissioner for human rights (OHCHR), the UN published a report on human rights in Ukraine under the name "Civic space and fundamental freedoms on the eve of presidential, parliamentary and local elections in Ukraine."

The report noted with concern such phenomena as the growing number of attacks on journalists, the efforts of the religious split in the country and inactivity of law enforcement bodies.

Special attention is paid to the excesses of the radicals, which the report referred to 12 times. Radicals are associated with almost every of the described violations of human rights.

In particular, analysts UN counted six cases of attacks by right-wing radicals on the lawyers of high-profile cases, all of these attacks took place in the court buildings.

The authors of the report highlighted the alarming situation with the breakdown of peace events, a free interpretation of law enforcement bodies on the criminal law about terrorism, treason and violation of territorial integrity of the country.

"It occurred during consideration of cases against journalists, bloggers and users of social networks for posting or repost information that was viewed as anti-Ukrainian", — stated in the report.

Earlier it was reported that the delegation feared a negative impact on the election of the President of Ukraine of a large number of registered candidates. The delegation also expressed regret that the freedom of speech in Ukraine restricts the oligarchic nature of the media.

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