Ukraine broke the record for export of apples

Ukraine broke the record for export of apples

Украина побила рекорд по экспорту яблок

In January Ukraine exported 8 thousand tonnes of apples. This was reported on the website of the wholesale market of agricultural products "SHUVAR"

"After a slight downturn in December, in the first month of 2019 Ukrainian exporters were able to substantially improve the result by sending to the foreign market more than 8 thousand tons of Ukrainian apples," wrote the analysts.

They calculated that since July last year Ukraine exported more than 27 thousand tons of apples (with total cost of 9.7 million dollars), which is the best result over the past 5 years.

The main market remains the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). This season the buyers were also Singapore, Hong Kong, Senegal, Kuwait, Malaysia, Jordan, Sri Lanka, UAE, Indonesia. A test batch was sent to Egypt.

However, the Ukrainian apples is quite difficult to compete with foreign fruit due to high import duties.

In late December, the Chairman of the Association of retailers Alexey Doroshenko reported rise 87% for the year. Ukrainians can't rely on cheap bread available cereals, meat or vegetables. He noted that cheaper steel only four products: sugar, buckwheat, chicken eggs and apples.

The reason for the low price of apples is their excess supply in the domestic market of the country.

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